Credit repurchase and additional cash: what advantages?



Do you face difficulties in repaying your loans? The repurchase of credits is there to relieve you! This financial transaction can also help if your current loans prevent you from projecting yourself into new projects. Cash can then be released.

The benefits of buying back credits

The benefits of buying back credits

The main objective of this operation is to help you better repay your loans by reducing your monthly payments durably . To achieve this, all of your current loans are combined into one. This makes it possible to repay a single loan with a redefinition of the rate and the duration of loan. The drop in your repayments varies depending on your financial situation, but it is always a question of taking control of your budget.

Consolidating your consumer loans is therefore a good solution against over-indebtedness. Also be aware that a mortgage can be included in a credit pool.

Remember also that the repurchase of credits is not reserved for people in bad debt. A stable financial situation and good income may sometimes not be enough. For example, if you want to materialize a new project, it is possible that your current loans are an obstacle. Reducing the amount of your monthly payments by redeeming your credits can also be a solution. Since your income is less allocated to reimbursements, they can be used to finance a new acquisition.

It is in this scenario that a cash loan can be integrated into your loan repurchase.

The usefulness of additional cash

The usefulness of additional cash

The grouping of your credits can therefore integrate a cash loan, namely an additional sum of money which is loaned to you to help you finance your project. The amount of this cash varies according to the threshold of assumption of responsibility of each banking establishment.

By obtaining this loan from the bank that buys your credits, you do not have to borrow new consumer credit for your project later. This loan amount being integrated into the rest of your grouped loans, its repayment is included in the single credit. This has two advantages: a borrowing rate calculated on all of your debts and simplified management.

The repurchase of credits therefore makes it possible again to put projects on hold.

Do you want to optimize your financial situation to embark on new projects? Submit your request for a free and non-binding credit buyback study to receive a proposal within 48 hours.

The redemption of your credits reduces the amount of your monthly payments but increases the duration of your repayment. An increase in the total cost is also possible.


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