Re-borrow following a loan buy-back

To regain financial stability, consolidating your debts is one possibility. With this solution, you only repay one loan at the lower monthly cost. As a result, your purchasing power is improved. Borrowing is therefore possible, depending on your project and your abilities.

Restructuring Your Loans Can Help You Borrow

Restructuring Your Loans Can Help You Borrow

The counterpart of the reduction in your monthly payments is an extension of the duration of your reimbursement. To offset this increase in the total cost of credit, it is often advisable to anticipate future projects by requesting cash to be included in your new loan.

Thus, you can re-borrow, as long as you have sufficient debt capacity at the end of your loan repurchase. Of course, you will be asked to justify this new funding by a project.
Whether you want to access the property, invest in the new or the old or even carry out work, your project must be precise and detailed.

In addition and depending on your profile, you can supplement your financing with a subsidized loan. However, let’s just remember that a redemption of your credits is primarily intended to reduce your debt ratio.

Buying credit is above all a way to improve your daily life

Buying credit is above all a way to improve your daily life

Note that the vast majority of borrowers using credit buy-backs want to return to a stable financial situation. This is also the primary objective of the operation.

The redemption of your credits simplifies the management of your budget thanks to the reimbursement of a single loan. In addition, the monthly payments related to this loan are reduced, which gives a boost to your budget. Finally, the rates you borrow before the transaction are renegotiated during the redemption process.

These advantages are those you should expect from a redemption of your credits: the possibility of borrowing comes in a second time. If you want to consolidate your loans, do not go too late to avoid filing for over-indebtedness with the Fine Bank.

For your credit buy-back, the online broker is a privileged interlocutor.

Debt consolidation is typically a better option for people with good to excellent credit who have sufficient income to make consistent monthly payments.


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